Team Gridline’s debut appearance in Formula Challenge unfortunately ended in misery yesterday.

Qualifying saw both Liam Rance (#24) & Thomas Harvey (#23) struggle with the extremely wet conditions combined with last minute setup tweaks that neither driver were 100% happy with.

Team manager Rory Rothon briefed each driver in the practice session, advising both drivers to run their own race and not to get tangled up with the inevitable & numerous collisions / spins that were to happen in race 1.

Although taking Rory’s advice and slowly increasing in confidence and pace, both drivers unfortunately became victim of the terrible weather and the numerous incidents on circuit from other drivers struggling also. Race 1 therefore simply became a target to finish regardless of points.

Race 2 fast came around with both drivers receiving a prep talk from their manager. Both happy with the extra pace they had found and another chance to actually showcase exactly what they were capable of. Both had a relatively good start off the line ready to give it their best in this second chance. Turn 1 was good as was turn 2, at least until just entering turn 3 where there was a huge pile up, with around half the grid being involved.

Both drivers received major damage that resulted in pit stops. Although furious, team manager Rory Rothon advised both drivers to take their pit stops and simply finish the race regardless of points.

Both Thomas & Liam, although upset with the session, that was a baptism of fire, they have dusted themselves down and are looking forward to working hard for round 2 at Bahrain.

“I am still very confident in the skill of both drivers regardless of the opening round. We now have a lot of work to do and will work our hardest to redeem ourselves at Bahrain. You have not seen the last of Team Gridline yet, and I have high Hope’s for the team as a whole!”

Rory Rothon, Team Gridline